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Dear Members of the State Senate:


Thank you to the members of the State Senate for listening to your constituents and the call to protect community services for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The I/DD community supports the proposed alternative trigger that does not make or require devastating cuts to the services and supports our community needs.


I am writing on behalf of the more than 300 adults and children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities that are served by the Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco every day. While we have been very diligent in managing our resources to allow us to "break even" on our finances with 20% of our annual budget (approx $10 million) coming from fund-raising activities, the proposed 10-14% cuts would be devastating to us, causing a budget shortfall of up to $1.4 million dollars and jeopardizing the services we currently provide those that are the most vulnerable.


While we surely understand the funding dilemma that we all face, cuts to programs like ours which have been woefully underfunded for years will destabilize not only the Pomeroy Center but many other nonprofit agencies that exist month to month on our current revenue streams. We appreciate the Senate going to bat for our community and we anxiously await solutions that provide "ladders" out of this fiscal hole, versus using shovels to dig an even deeper hole for many of the people we serve.


Without programs like ours to care for people at less than $80 per day, the state would have to pay triple or more to try and provide similar services without the benefit of the nonprofit community resources. Now is not the time for cuts, but rather it is the time to strengthen the I/DD community. Thank you for taking the time to look deeper into this issue and keeping the I/DD community's interests visible.







Legislator Social Media Information


Richard Pan

@SenRichardPan FB

@DrPanMD Tw

#senatorrichardpan IG


Melissa Hurtado

@SenatorMelissaHurtado FB

@Senator_Hurtado Tw

#senatormelissahurtado IG


Jeff Stone

@SenatorJeffStone FB

@SenJeffStone Tw

#senatorjeffstone IG


Holly Mitchell

@Senator Holly Mitchell FB

@SenHJMitchell Tw

@hollyjmitchell IG


Phil Ting

@philtingsf FB

@asmPhilTing Tw

@philting IG


Jim Frazier

@ASMJimFrazier FB

@AsmFrazier Tw

@Asmjimfrazier IG


Gavin Newsom

@GavinNewsom FB

@GavinNewsom Tw

@gavinnewsom IG


Chris Holden

@AssemblymemberChrisHolden FB

@ChrisHoldenNews Tw

@chrisholden41 IG


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